Dive Galapagos

  • Galapagos Islands

    Islands of Galapagos are just small province that belongs to Ecuador at the eastern part of Pacific Ocean. Galapagos Islands are dubbed as a place that is born of fire due to several volcanic eruptions. Within the past two centuries, a notable more than 50 volcanic eruptions have cropped up in the islands. It has been said that the most prevailing attribute of Galapagos Islands is its abrasive and dynamic volcanic backcloth. A few of those eruptions threatened distinctive flora and fauna and a few of such created new land just like the lava flow in the island of Santiago which wasn’t discovered during the visit of famous Charles Darwin.

    Charles Darwin was the first renowned person to visit and stayed in Galapagos Islands. Because of the island’s exquisiteness, Darwin stayed up to five weeks which give the impulsion to the well-known Evolution Theory.

    Diving in the islands of Galapagos is not really recommended for novice divers because it has been noted recently that Galapagos Islands is among the top 10 most difficult diving spots in the world. Despite that, tourism in Galapagos Islands is thriving eventually. Diving in Galapagos is often undemanding but the low visibility and the strong currents, outpours and cold waters they beget go towards a few demanding alterations within the waters.

    Galapagos features a few exquisite dive sites hence tourists to the islands anticipate to catch a glimpse of incredible critters stretching out, flying and swarming within the islands. But what amazes several people is the plethora of life just off the coast, just one or two feet beneath the waters. There can be discovered a world teeming swarming with groups of angelfish, passive white-tipped reef sharks, soaring manta rays, and feeding underwater iguanas.

  • Best Time to Dive

    Galapagos has a good weather for stopping over and visiting all year round. Even if it is on the equator, the weather conditions aren’t tropical. Galapagos has a couple of seasons and the warmest is from December to May. The coldest months are between June and November. It is the most recommended season for diving in all astounding dive sites all over Galapagos Islands.

  • Getting There

    Getting in Galapagos Islands is very simple. It is reachable in either plane or boat. For international flights, a flight to Ecuador, the mainland either to Guayaquil or Quito is the first step since there are no direct flights going to Galapagos Islands. From there, check an available flight from Quito or Guayaquil going to Galapagos Islands. It’s always best to check with travel agency regarding the ways and tips to get there. If coming with private vessel, there are five ports in Galapagos Islands where boats can dock. Along the islands, there are buses, taxis and other public transportations are available to tourists and visitors. But it’s always best to hike around the islands while seeing the best features of Galapagos Islands.

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