Casa Opuntia

Casa Opuntia

Casa Opuntia – Located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal Island in Galapagos is a magnificent hotel that attracts many tourist from different countries. Opuntia stands for the greatest wildlife and natural history knowledge in Galapagos.

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    Casa Opuntia is a home of exquisite beauty way out of ordinary. The hotel caters a one of a kind experience getaway from reality. It offers a first-class selection of eye-catching oceanfront properties that share the same dedication to quality service and kindness.

    With total 0f 11 comfortable rooms, packed with standard amenities and finest accommodation. It is only a few meters away from Playa De Oro Galapagos beach. The restaurant features some of San Cristobal’s mouthwatering sea food dishes to be enjoyed encircled by endemic gardens and breathtaking ocean scenery.

  • Rooms in Casa Opuntia are well developed and comfortable to stay on, with total of 11 rooms all air-conditioned


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  • “Casa opuntia is one of my wife’s favorite resort in Galapagos, she always love taking a break here when summer comes. The staffs are so kind they always help us when we needed some. The breathtaking view at night is so beautiful that you don’t want to lose gaze on it. It was a perfect place for us.” – Martin reyl

  • “A paradise beneath the ocean floor – “– anonymous

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