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    The small Equadorian paradise that is the Galapagos makes for a desired ocean getaway from the hustles and bustles of city life. Many tourists flock to the islands in search for a retreat, as the area proves a relaxing remedy to the stresses that come from day to day living. Diving is one of the most relaxing experiences that is available and also one of the most popular. Peruse through a selection of diving sites to find one that will best satisfy your adventuresome needs.

  • Black Turtle Cove

    Black Turtle Cove

    Black Turtle Cove is found in the northern portion of Santa Cruz Island. It is known for being surrounded by red mangroves. It is only accessible by riding dinghy.

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  • Daphne Island

    Daphne Island

    One of the more accessible islands in Galapagos is Daphne Island (Isla Daphne) that sits in the north of Isla Santa Cruz and west of Isla Baltra. It is composed of two islands namely: Daphne Major (Mayor) and Daphne Minor (Menor). You can get here easily by the use of tour boats and cruises.

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  • Daphne Island: Daphne Mayor (Major)

    Daphne Island: Daphne Mayor (Major)

    Daphne Mayor is one of the two islands of Islas Daphne (Daphne Island). Despite of the limited visitor pass on the island, Daphne Mayor is more popular and more visited than the other (Daphne Menor). It is a volcanic island that impressively has remained much of its volcanic forms in shape.

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  • Ferdinand Island

    Ferdinand Island

    The youngest and the most active volcanoes in Galapagos are found in the island of Ferdinand. This site is unique and gives you an amazing and a lasting impression. The weird looking flat lava surface and the black volcanic rock cliffs have lots of marine iguanas wrapped among them.

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  • Ferdinand Island: Cape Douglas

    Ferdinand Island: Cape Douglas

    Cape Douglas is located in the island of Ferdinand, Galapagos. It is known for offering one of the best drift dives among the area and is best spot for spotting marine iguanas and penguins.

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  • Floreana Island

    Floreana Island

    Named after the first President of Ecuador, Juan Jose Flores, Floreana Island is another must-visit destination where you can find some of the finest attractions among the Galapagos Islands.

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  • Floreana Island: Cadwell Island

    Floreana Island: Cadwell Island

    Cadwell Island is a well-known site in Floreana, Galapagos. It has gained its popularity for it hosts a huge flamingo lagoon where lots of birds are seen. These birds include the White-Cheeked Pintails and common stilts.

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  • Isabela Island

    Isabela Island

    One of the youngest and the largest Galapagos Island, Isabela, was named after Queen Isabella of Spain. This island is one of the most active volcanic islands in Galapagos.

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  • Isabela Island: Roca Redonda

    Isabela Island: Roca Redonda

    On the northwestern end of Isabela Island lies Roca Redonda, one of the best dive sites among the archipelago of Galapagos. Like all the others, Roca Redonda is also a volcanic island. Here are several caves that serve as homes of sea birds such as the swallow tailed gulls.

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  • San Cristobal Island

    San Cristobal Island

    San Cristobal is known as the second biggest population host next to Santa Cruz. But, it is not much visited by travelers or tourists on cruises. The island of San Cristobal is really peaceful, scenic and worth visiting for.

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  • San Cristobal: Kicker Rock

    San Cristobal: Kicker Rock

    Also known as the Sleeping Lion, Kicker Rock is a one of kind rock situated in the center of Galapagos Islands Sea. It is an excellent spot if you want to experience great kayak and dive. It is also popular for cruises because of its many Frigates, boobies and tropic birds.

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  • Santa Cruz Island

    Santa Cruz Island

    Next to Isabela Island, Santa Cruz Island is the second largest island in the archipelago of Galapagos. It lies in the center of the archipelago and is called Indefatigable Island.

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