Daphne Island: Daphne Mayor (Major)

  • Daphne Island: Daphne Mayor (Major)

    Daphne Mayor is one of the two islands of Islas Daphne (Daphne Island). Despite of the limited visitor pass on the island, Daphne Mayor is more popular and more visited than the other (Daphne Menor). It is a volcanic island that impressively has remained much of its volcanic forms in shape.

    The site highlights bird watching with rewards of sightings of species of rare and unique birds such as the Frigate Birds, Short Eared Owls, Red Billed Tropicbirds, Masked Boobies, Galapagos Martins and Galapagos Finches. It also features an excellent scuba dive wherein you will be able to witness a spectacular marine diversity including Sea Turtles, Tunas, Red Tailed Snappers, Yellow Tailed Grunts, Moray Eels, and the mighty White Tip Reef Sharks.

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