Floreana Island

  • Floreana Island

    Named after the first President of Ecuador, Juan Jose Flores, Floreana Island is another must-visit destination where you can find some of the finest attractions among the Galapagos Islands.

    Here you will see lots of unique and weird-looking birds as well as marine species. Unfortunately, there was an extinction among the endemic Floreana Tortoise and Floreana Mocking bird during the Second World War. Nonetheless, you can still make the most out of your activities here.

    One famous snorkel and dive sites is the Devil’s Crown where you will see large groups of tropical reef fish, sea lions, sharks and sea turtles.

    Another is Punta Cormorant that has a green Olivine Beach. This is good for seeing sea lions, pink sea flamingoes, rays, green sea turtles, and ghost and Grapsus grapsus Sally Light Foot Crabs. You may also see the nocturnal sea bird “Joint Footed”.

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