Isabela Island: Roca Redonda

  • Isabela Island: Roca Redonda

    On the northwestern end of Isabela Island lies Roca Redonda, one of the best dive sites among the archipelago of Galapagos. Like all the others, Roca Redonda is also a volcanic island. Here are several caves that serve as homes of sea birds such as the swallow tailed gulls. These species are the world’s only night feeding gull and endemic in Galapagos. Its eyes are unusually large and it loves feeding on squids that come over the surface.

    This dive site has very low water temperature due to the cold Cromwell current. The dive can be hard because the currents are unpredictable. Hence, divers will surely enjoy seeing schools of scalloped hammerheads, sea lions, yellow tailed surgeonfish, barracudas, grunts, king angelfish, sea horses, jacks, Galapagos sharks, manta rays, white tip sharks and giant sunfish.

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