Isabela Island

  • Isabela Island

    One of the youngest and the largest Galapagos Island, Isabela, was named after Queen Isabella of Spain. This island is one of the most active volcanic islands in Galapagos. It has five active volcanoes namely Alcedo, Cerro Azul, Darwin, Sierra Negra and Wolf. It is popular for the species of gigantic tortoise that can be found in the island’s cloud forests. The island is amazingly shaped like a sea horse, making it unique to other islands in Galapagos.

    The island of Isabela has caught many people’s interest for its rich flora and fauna. It is a home for a huge diversity of birds and marine species which are more than to compare. The waters of Isabela are best in spotting species of whales such as sei, sperms, humpbacks, minkes and orcas. Endemic birds found here include the Galapagos Hawk, mangrove finch, brown pelican, blue heron and the pink flamingo.

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